Catering Service Costa Rica


Catering Service Costa Rica – Serving the Central Pacific region

Tired of eating every night? I walk to take away? Tired of spending 8 to 12 hours a week buying groceries, planning, cooking, and cleaning? Call us or send us an email, we will make all the nutritional aspects of your life easier!

Your private chef Jaco

Catering Service Costa Rica
Private Chef and Catering Service in Costa Rica

We offer fresh, affordable, nutritious and no preservative gourmet meals, cooked and packaged in the safety of your own kitchen. Your kitchen is spotlessly clean … we even take out the trash … all you have to do is look at your personalized menu and decide which bottle of wine you want to have dinner for the night!

Your Private Chef Jaco service includes a client interview process to explore your culinary tastes, menu planning, shopping, preparation, cooking, and packaging.

Service details

What is “Your private chef Jaco …”?

Your private chef Jaco … The Personal Chef service is a home cooking service initiated by two managers who decided that corporate food was no longer “pressing the right buttons” for them and decided to venture alone to chase their passions for a long time. Cuisine Combining your business, management, and cooking skills to the delight of your customers, chefs Bruno and Maud will take care of your culinary needs. They will meet with you to assess your likes and dislikes, allergies, special requirements. You will choose your selection from a large quarterly menu and they will take it from there. They buy groceries, do all the preparation, cooking, packaging, and labeling, even clean up and take away the trash.

Heat it and eat! Talk about a time-saving service that has finally arrived!

How does Dining Right … work?

It’s easy to have your own personal chef, email us or call us to schedule your personal assessment at 506 8995 4946; Website: We will create a profile according to your tastes and needs to develop a personalized menu just for you. If you don’t like broccoli, you’ll never see it on your plate!

Your private chef Jaco guarantees high-quality meals by buying the freshest meat and vegetables just before your arrival on the day of your cheffing. Then we do all the chopping and preparation work and all the cooking is done in your own kitchen. Your kitchen is impeccable with a fridge full of dishes ready to heat and eat.
Maud: + (506) 8397-6139
Bruno: + (506) 8995-4946
*Monday to Sunday*

San Jose Costa Rica Private Chef
Billy Phone: +506 6116 5797

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